We are Operation Paperstorm. An operation dedicated to the creation, and promotion of propaganda and information about Anonymous.

We create most of the media that anonymous uses, as well as keeping the citizens of earth educated on on what the elite won’t tell us. The reason we are bringing back Operation paperstorm is because Anonymous is falling backward, and progression is at an all time low, with little to no people keeping updated except the select few in the collective, there are now many more ways to communicate online than ever before. Which we believe to be the cause of the lack of information getting out to the people, as there is no true base of communications for Anonymous anymore.

We communicate simply through paper, it is the best know way to get people to receive the information they need to here, and we know that. That is why we are planning on Operation Paperstorm 2. We will create a plethora of new media and content which can then be shared on the day of the paperstorm.

This website will be used to tell you, the people who are reading this what is going on and what we are in the midst of. Meaning you can stay updated and know when the paperstorm will begin.

We do not yet have a date for the paperstorm, but once a discussion has taken place internally we will place a countdown timer to the date on the front page!



We are Anonymous,

We are a Legion,

We do not Forgive,

We do not Forget,

Expect Us!