Statement of operations.

Citizens of the world,

We are anonymous, and we present to you,

Operation Paperstorm. Operation paperstorm is a media based operation dedicated to the production and publishing of Anonymous propaganda, news, and info-graphics; we release information from the elitists and the governments of the world and show the people the truth behind their societies.

Our main goals are

  • Create new media for the collective and its audience
  • Show people the truth using leaflets, flyers, and brochures.
  • Publish new information on a more regular basis backed up with evidence and proof, to change the mindsets of the people and show them what they wouldn’t otherwise believe


Our long-term goals are to:

  • Change the mindset of the people
  • Create as much media as possible

The main idea behind Operation Paperstorm, is that we create tons of media and print it. We then have one day, where we get the collective (As many member as possible) and post, give and show it around. Beforehand we get people to make as much media as possible, with the tagline; Think Anonymous!


We are Anonymous,

We are Legion,

We do not Forgive,

We do not Forget,

Expect Us!

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