How to help in this Anonymous Operation:

You can design and upload your images to help with awareness.

You can also share any image here through social media. 

This website exists in an effort to help facilitate several different Anonymous Operations, to help in generating awareness.

Share, share, share.  And share again.  

Please remember to stay legal!  Anonymous are not vandals.  For example, do not spray paint any walls with humanitarian Anonymous messages, this is criminal damage, well, unless you're Banksy!   Instead, use cardboard, material, banners.

Distribute flyers.  Stickers.  Awareness.  

If you're hitting the streets and can arrange a small group of people, Anonymous Foundation may be able to assist in providing either financial support for your printing, or can directly send premade flyers to you.  However, funds are limited. 


Join Anonymous Operation Paperstorm Chat Room (no account needed) - share share share

We are Anonymous.  We are legion.  We do not forgive.  We do not forget.  Expect us.